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An unofficial site for Football Officials Everywhere.
The mission of is to improve officiating around the country and the world. We strive to make this site one where an official can get any and all information he/she needs to be the best official possible. We hope to improve officiating by communicating with and learning from each other.
  The main section of is the discussion board.  The forum has separate sections for football rules pertaining to the NCAA, National Federation, Canadian and Professional leagues.  It also has a Tests & Quizzes section to test your knowledge.
The discussion board has a variety of members that range from first year officials to 30-year veterans that have worked from the high school level up through the National Football League.  We believe the vast knowledge willing to be shared on this site due to the active members is an invaluable resource to any and all officials.
Even though the backbone of the forum is football, we have sections dedicated to Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Soccer, and Lacrosse.
There are also numerous private boards for conferences or organizations that wish to keep their discussions out of the public eye.  If you are interested in having a private forum set up for your conference or association, please use the contact information at the bottom right of this page.
The discussion board uses some of the most popular and easy to use software available today in order to make posting on the board as easy as possible for the members of the forum.
Only registered members are able to post on the forum, but the good news is that memberships are free for everyone.
Apart from the discussion board, has the following sections:

Official's links - this page has links to all NCAA conferences from BCS to Division III.  It also has a section of general links that vary from sites such as the NCAA and NFL to road construction information and the Weather Channel.  It's an attempt to be a one-stop location for any information an official might need.

- is a site with news articles from the officiating community.  The articles range from announcements about new conference supervisors to human interest stories about officials all over the world.

Video Vault - The Video Vault is a list of current video clips available on the server.  These videos consist of football plays that challenge your officiating mind and help make you a better official.


If you have questions about this site or suggestions as to ways to make it better or more useful, please use the following contact information.

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